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(free) 03:07


released October 10, 2009

Quincy Mumford
Karlee Bloomfield
Brian Gearty
Jeff Mann
Travis Lyon
Matt O'Ree
Matt Wade
Kenny Sorensen
Alex Brumel
Cara Salimando
Rob Muller
Rob Lebret
Jon Leidersdorff

Produced by Jon Leidersdorff
Engineered, Mixed, and additional Production by Rob Lebret
Additional Engineering by Andrew Madden
Intern Sean Colandrea
Recorded and Mixed at Lakehouse Music
Mastered by Tom Ruff at Asbury Media
ArtWork by Quincy Mumford
Photos: Scott Mumford, Yvette Moss, Kyle Mumford
Graphic Design by Judi Mumford



all rights reserved


Quincy Mumford & The Reason Why Asbury Park, New Jersey

Singer songwriter meets soul meets funk meets rock and R&B from Asbury Park, NJ. Keep it Lifted.


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Track Name: All We Need Is
Hey there beautiful
Never seen you before
Hey there beautiful
You just opened my heart like a door
I'm so sick of being in this township
just a little bit
I'm so tired of seeing old, same old faces

All we need is some love to feel all right
What we need is some love to get on by
Why do people fight over things that don't make sense?
And all that crap from the past is coming up again
I can't win

Looks like my dreams are coming true
I've been searching a long time for a girl like you
I'm on my way to California
Won't you come with me?
Let's get away

All we need is some love to feel all right
What we need is some love to get on by
Track Name: Now That I Met You
I've been looking for a girl
and maybe it's you
I've been searching up and down the east coast
yeah it's true
Damn I've had my problems in the past
but i've gotten through
Thought I might have given up
but there must be someone to fill her shoes

But it all will work out one day
yeah it will all work out one day soon

Now that I met you I don't know
why I would ever want to be away from you
and I think you knew from the moment
from the moment I met you

I heard that you were looking for a boy
and maybe it's me
I heard you were searching up and down the west coast
to find love that is problem free

But it all will work out eventually
yeah it will all work out eventually

And all those miles between us
seemed to bring us together
and everyday with you just seems to get better
Track Name: Can't Break Free
Homeless man on the street
asking for money
Caught up in my own stuff
didn't want him to bug me
He said, "I know you hear me."
As I kept walking he said,

"Can't break free from the things that are killing me,
Can't break free from the hand life it dealing me."

So I reached in my pocket
and gave him my loose change
Expected to hear some
kind of big thanks

But then he gave me
something that I really could use
Right then I saw myself walking
in his shoes,
He said,

"Do you really think I want to bug you.
Do you really think I want to ask you for change?
Do you really think it's my choice to be in this place?"
Track Name: Lifted
It's that perfect night
The one that you never forget
Everyone's coming over
Hanging with all of my friends
Oh yeah, I'm gonna light up
When I see you walking in
And oh yeah together
We're gonna burn this one down
to the end...
the end, the end

'Cause I feel so lifted
Ain't nothing wrong,
yeah there's nothing missing
I'm in this moment
Always looking for answers
Right now I know them

Inspiration just hit me!
I feel it in my fingertips
Oh yeah. Are you with me?
Together we're taking this trip...
this trip, this trip

Everyone's gonna be there
Gonna keep them screaming for more
Oh yeah, I can't believe it
Could this all really be happening
If we never forget, does it mean it never ends?